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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cleaning out our closet

January 27, 2014

Yes, we are still alive (kind of).  We can continue to blame our lack of blog posts/work on the house on our little guy who is 14 months old and still loves to wake up every 1.5-2 hours all night every night.  That being said, we are working on a few projects now.  I promise that we actually blog all of our progress (except one major thing I forgot that is coming soon) and that the lack of blogs= lack of work.  

Since we have moved in, we have not had a closet. We have a very large area in our bedroom that should be a closet, but instead resembles some sort of changing station/thrift store/abandoned warehouse, as pictured here:

Awesome, huh?  While I'm the girl and people think I really need the closet, you have obviously not met my husband who owns more clothes than anyone I've ever met.  Now, this may have something to do with hanging onto clothes in a manner that warrants an episode of hoarders, but still (I mean, what special event is going to warrant his ripped, tie-dyed junior high t-shirt?)

For Christmas, we decided to finish our closet. 

Let's just say this didn't start out well. We started by Alok going to Home Depot to pick something up in his truck and then planning on heading to Lowes to get the closet stuff.  His truck died at Home Depot, as did his cell, and he ended up eventually making it home sans closet.

We tried on a second day that involved me following his now running truck with my Kia. He went to Lowes first and called me frantic that their whole displayed had changed and they no longer carried the closet that he had to carefully plan out on graph paper many times (technically hasn't caught up with the automatic closet planning for the type we picked).  I swung into Home Depot only to realize the closet we had chosen was there all along.  Oops.

I call Alok to meet me back at Lowes and his truck doesn't start again.

Here he is in the truck:

How do I jump this thing?

Random guy telling him what's wrong with his truck (note that he can't get his hood open)

We decide to ditch the truck at Lowes and proceed onto Home Depot where we find out items:

I thought that maybe we should try to see if they would go in my Kia and voila:

They fit!  This was before Christmas. We were then taken down by multiple fevers and illnesses and his a few day project over Christmas turned into a month long project by no fault of his own.

But looked how it turned out:

(don't mind the meds that I moved out of baby reaching hands):



Pretty nice work, eh?

Now for next steps (besides getting clothes that fit and aren't from 1984 in the closet):

1) We are working on getting our attic ready to use
2) We are starting on another bathroom soon
3) We have someone working on our doors so that we can finally have a door in this house (not having bedroom doors probably doesn't help our son's sleeping abilities).

More to come....eventually.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guess who's bat... I mean back

 Seriously. Sigh.  

My brother was in town visiting for his friend Renee's wedding. Alok was walking the dogs when he saw a bat flying inside through our front window! While I'm not amused by the bat, having my brother from NYC carry part of a Tupperware container and a tennis racket to defend against the bat was slightly amusing: 

Here is a blurry, not amused Alok afterwards, who may have decided that he wanted to move.

That's all for now.


Monday, October 21, 2013

We're here.....kinda

Some day in 2013.... I have no clue when we did these things.  I blame the baby who is nearly 11 months old and doesn't sleep for more than 2 consecutive hours for my lack of orientation to time and the lack of work on the house.  That being said, we have made some progress.

First things first, upon moving in, we had the lovely cabinet pictured here, although it was next to the fridge:

The previous owners had 2 things in it: a fly swatter and a picture of George W Bush (you know, the essentials).  Alok decided to clear it out and make it into a spice cabinet. 

Here it is before (and our lovely area that was full of spices in the kitchen):

Here it is after:

Pretty nice.

Alok also had the idea to have drywallers patch up every nick in the walls after they were painted.  Needless to say, he regretted that decision (and it may not have gone over well with me either). He finally got motivation to paint these places (here is a sampling) 

And here he is at work:


Needless to say, this is something he dreaded for about a year and took under 30 minutes to fix all walls.  We also had the outside painting finished, but more to come on that when I don't have a screaming baby....


Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Patella! Some man is tearing up your yard!!"

August 2013

Not shockingly, progress on the house has been SLOW!  Everyone thinks we just stopped the blog, but really we only blog when we work on the house.... so that should tell you something.

Over the past month, we have continued to attack the yard.

Here is was before the current work:

Notice the lovely Koi pond:

And here the tilling begun: (My friend's daughter was over and yelled to me in a very concerned voice- "Patella!  Some man is tearing up your yard!!)... (Patella is my derby name)

Notice the lack of a koi pond. We finally filled it!

After it was all tilled, Alok got to work laying grass seed (there is he is down below):

Well, this area was just ripped up and we didn't plant anything:

Anyone remember the hay debacle of 2011?  Alok put down a reasonable amount this time, although he still had to return 6 bails.  Here is the grass starting to grow:

In other outdoor news, we are also getting the rest of the outside of the house painted at the beginning of September!  Alok had to fix the porch (aka the bat lair) outside our front door. He's been dreading it for months, but it went by very quickly.

Here it is to start:

Here it is finished:

Ummm.. yes, we know that isn't straight. He is adding molding. So, I guess it is almost complete. 

In super awesome news, this guy is mobile and is also 9 months old. AH!  Anyone have any idea to childproof a house from 1886 that is being remodeled..... this should be interesting

Hopefully we will be back soon!