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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Unwanted guest

February 6, 2013

If I'm being honest here, I haven't been sleeping well at the house.  Mainly because I've been on a "house high" (aka "we actually have a house to live in after 2.5 years").  I've been trying to get organized and have been unpacking stuff that's been boxed up since Chicago.

Last night, I organized until about 1am and was finally ready to pass out.  As I walk into our bedroom where Kieran and Alok are already sleeping, something flies right in front of my face into the bathroom.  I may have been half delirious by this point because my initial thought was that it was a butterfly.  Wishful thinking. 

I had my phone in my hand and used my lovely flashlight app to check out the bat that was now swarming around our master bathroom.  I screamed, ran, flipped on the lights and told Alok there was a bat.  He is not the best rallier in the world and said "what" and then proceeded to halfway get up and fell back asleep in the process.  Needless to say, I got him up and in the meantime, poor baby Kieran started crying because someone turned on the lights on him and his parents were also squealing like 2 school girls. 

Alok ran to the basement to get the shopvac (aka the Bat Sucker).  In the meantime, I'm trying to make sure Kieran and I don't get attacked by the bat (I had a pillow in hand, which I'm sure would have been great for bat hitting) and am also hoping it didn't fly out of the bathroom. We have no doors right now, so we couldn't exactly trap it. 

Alok came back with the shopvac and thought better of it and instead grabbed the top to a storage box.  He hit the bat and managed to fight with it all the way down the hallway. He finally got it pinned, put it in a box, stunned it, and ran it outside.  All the while our 2 lovely dogs stayed in bed (well, Alex got up and looked and was unamused and went and laid back down). 

Alok making a plan of attack

Kieran unaware of the bat

Suspected bat entry point, although Alok made me feel great by saying there were a million possible entry points

Our new bat stunner.  Any Schuerings have a tennis racket we can borrow?

Needless to say, we were on a bit of an adrenaline rush at this point. While I worked on getting the baby back to bed, I mentioned something about bat attacks. Alok asked how many people I thought had been really attacked by bats.  I told him to google it.  Needless to say, googling of "bat attacks" resulted in the conclusion that you are more likely to be attacked by a baseball bat than a flying bat.  But still.  He then managed to come across a site that said that all people should be checked for bites, especially if there was a sleeping infant.  I was half grossed out and half laughing at the idea of Bat Kieran.  In all seriousness though, it's really gross!  If I would have came to bed 5 minutes later, we wouldn't have known it was in the room.  Let's just say we ended up sleeping with the hallway light on.

Right before our bat attack, we were working on a list of projects that we want to do on the house so that we can start on the free ones and save for the monetary projects.  Let's just say that "bat proofing" (if there is such a thing) might just have jumped to the top of the list.  Sigh.

So, if anyone asks why we worked on a house for 919 days and then sold it after a week and 2 days of living there, they may have their answer. 


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  1. Maybe you need some bed netting. Wait a minute aren't cats good at catching bats? you have a whole team of killers! Thank you for sharing. I hope this is the last we have heard of bats.