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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Someone's been decorating! Countdown to Baby.... B-12 Days

November 10, 2012

So after a bit of a house hiatus called "my body hurts too much to walk through the house," I came by yesterday and today to take a peak. 

See our lovely attic stairs?

They got carpet! This is the only place in the house where it will be totally carpeted:

The view down. Alok also covered up the areas at the top here with wood to reduce the pet hazards

The outside of the house is almost ALMOST painted.  There is a bit of trim to complete and then there are little parts here and there that can be done (chimneys, some windows, etc), but it will be good enough for now very soon. Let's hope that we get a few more days of good weather to finish up!

The last major part to be finished:

Alok has also worked on the butler's pantry (aka "getting rid of a giant hole in the wall")

Here it is, in progress:

Here it is complete:

He is also continuing to work on "pet proofing," such as covering this giant hole in the wall:

Or this formerly giant hole:

Much of the upstairs trim is complete or nearly complete.  Here it is:

Yellow bedroom:

Master bedroom floorboards: 

Mind the gap.... this will be covered by another piece soon

Alok and Eric also hung the bathroom door, which is now currently a storage room.  Apparently, they hung it when they were inside the room and it opens in.... Which isn't a problem, unless the room is full of stuff. They were a bit trapped.

With a little help from our friend, Josh, Alok was able to get the crib put together.  Here it is:

The rest of the house is just starting to look like... well, a house!  It's kinda crazy.  Here it is (well, party

Notice that someone started to decorate



That's all for now!  Alok and Pat are moving more things in as a type.  Being full-term kinda gets me out of doing that and I'm not complaining!


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